• Eugen Ovidiu Chirovici
    Writing New Book

    17 April 2021

  • I've started writing a new book. It looks like it might be my best one yet, having carefully taken on board all of your feedback. Really looking forward to it.

  • Eugen Ovidiu Chirovici
    British Council

    16 May 2019

  • Gave a short interview with the British Council. Thank you for having me.

  • Eugen Ovidiu Chirovici

    01 January 2019

  • Thank you to all of you who supported me with the Book of Mirrors. My next book will be better still

  • Eugen Ovidiu Chirovici
    Lee Child

    05 March 2018

  • Received a great review from Lee Child. Thank you!

  • Eugen Ovidiu Chirovici
    The Guardian

    12 October 2016

  • Gave an interview with The Guardian. Thank you!